Water Gardens + Ponds

Sometimes referred to as ponds, water gardens are a mirror of nature that can be naturalistic and free from in shape or contemporary and formal with clean lines and right angles. A complete ecosystem, we use a combination of wetland (bog) filters, mechanical filters, skimmers, aquatic plants & fish, and biological filters in the correct proportion. 




Water is becoming a necessity in any well-designed landscape. Our team of trained professionals can turn everyday items into custom fountains for both indoor and outdoor use. Or if you have a favorite piece of art that you would love to see enhanced by moving water, we can make it happen, too.  



Pondless Waterfalls

These peaceful features allow you to enjoy all the benefits, beauty, and sound of a waterfall, but without a pond at the bottom. In addition to a virtually maintenance free backyard water feature, pondless waterfalls are also great for high traffic areas such as schools, corporate entrances, restaurants, and golf courses.