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Protecting this valuable resource is easier than you think.


Every year, the heavy spring rains fall from the sky, flow out of our gutters with force, and disappear into the storm sewers. While we may not have use for that water then, come summertime, everyone begins using larger amounts of water. And like most resources, water is far from cheap.

Up to 40 percent of household water bills, especially in the summer, are used for yard and lawn maintenance. But what if you could store those spring rains for when you need it most? 


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Rainwater harvesting is an old tradition dating back over 4,000 years. It is simply the collecting of rainfall for use. In many parts of the world, rainwater is the primary source of water for households where supplies are not adequately available.

Having your own rainwater harvesting system offers the security of having water available during water shortages. Throw in the added bonus of feeling great about doing a good thing and a reduced water bill, and it just makes sense.