Constructed Wetlands

Constructed Wetlands are known as a Bog Filter which can be used to filter your new backyard water garden or even the neighborhood lake. We can draw water from your pond or lake and filter it through our bog filter and return the water clean and in the form of a magnificent waterfall. This system can double the time span of having to dredge natural ponds and retention basins.




Natural Lake & Pond Restoration

Using a bog filter, bottom aeration, and the proper selection of aquatic plants we can change the quality and life cycle of dead or unsightly bodies of water. In conjunction with DEP, DEC, and local state and town wetland codes we can properly restore a backyard pond that has been neglected for many years. 


Aeration Systems

Whether it is a breathtaking thirty foot high fountain or a bottom aeration system, oxygen is an important ingredient to a well balanced pond or lake.


Fish Stocking

We offer supplemental and/or initial fish stocking services. Choose Glencar for anything from selecting award-winning Koi for a backyard water garden, to stocking large ponds and lakes with the highest-quality bluegill or large mouth bass.