Your outdoor home spaces are an investment. Increase their usability and enjoy your landscape, water feature, hardscape, and the architecture of your home at nighttime. By designing and installing a lighting scheme to fit your style, you can now enjoy it all into the evening hours.



LED lighting focused on flowing water or gently shining under the water's surface adds drama and enhances the look of any pond, fountain, or water garden. There is nothing quite like water and light working together in the same design. The best part is the added ability to enjoy your pond after dark. 



Add beauty and texture to your business or corporate park. Proper lighting for your roads, parking lots, and sidewalks will help avoid accidents that occur when visibility is poor. In addition to adding beauty and safety, lighting your business offers additional security as a well-lit business is less attractive to criminals.  


"Imagine sitting in your favorite place in your yard. You are enjoying the sounds of the crickets, the sky changes slowly from deep blue to a deeper indigo. Then in the blink of an eye, hidden lights illuminate flowers, trees, and moving water. Shadows of nature’s creations are appearing along walkways. Sights that were not visible in the day are now magical as you make safe passage through this now breathtaking scene. You now have your own Harvest Moon effect all to yourself."
-Kevin Cotter, Glencar owner